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Acupuncture in Belton

Acupuncturist Bill Blakely

Meet William Blakely, Acupuncturist

William’s interest in acupuncture was sparked in the 80’s and ever since then he’s been on a constant journey learning about the human body. He’s a 1986 graduate of California Acupuncture College in San Diego, and has been practicing acupuncture for 30 years.

Since graduating, William has primarily worked with chiropractors and those in the medical field, including osteopaths, neurologists and orthopedists. In addition to currently working with Dr. Montgomery, he also collaborates with neurologists in Austin and with an internal medicine practice in Georgetown. He is an independent acupuncture practitioner.

Help for Neuromuscular Problems

William specializes in neuroanatomical acupuncture or meridian-based acupuncture, which focuses on finding spots on the body that are tight or tense. “I do more trigger point release and meridian-based acupuncture, than energetic medicine.” William strictly concentrates on neuromuscular problems such as sciatica, which constitutes the majority of his practice. He also treats the following common conditions:

• Back pain
• Foot pain
• Headaches
• Leg pain
• Neck pain
• Shoulder pain

A Primary Focus on Electroacupuncture

Though for certain conditions, William can use traditional acupuncture, he primarily uses electroacupuncture. This form of acupuncture uses electrostimulation on top of the needle to significantly enhance treatment. “I learned electroacupuncture from an older Asian doctor in California who mentored and taught me. It’s something that’s not generally taught in the school. It’s a practice in itself.”

According to William, if you have triggers spots that are in dysfunction along the spine, neck or anywhere in your body, they need to be released to create a free-flowing form of energy. Electroacupuncture can relax the musculature in the body that promotes the healing.

By inserting a needle into a point and stimulating it, microcirculation is created under the skin, bringing interstitial fluid to the area. As a result, the muscles relax, alleviating the pain. Similar to chiropractic, acupuncture has to be done repeatedly over a period to reduce the dysfunction in the muscle.

Back-and-forth Referrals

There are certain situations where Dr. Montgomery will have a patient that needs to further enhance the treatment. They’ll ask William about certain conditions and introduce him to the patient. “I will ask a few questions of the patient and see if it’s appropriate to try acupuncture.” Most of William’s practice is based on palpating patients. “I have to feel the tension while massaging the skin. If I can feel the spine and say, ‘You’re significantly subluxated, I’ll tell them that they need to see a chiropractor, not me.'” Dr. Montgomery may ask William for his opinion about certain conditions regarding their patients. “It is a free-flowing enterprise where we refer back and forth.”

What to Expect at a Typical Appointment

When you come in for your appointment, William will get your history and determine what your problem is. He’ll have a question and answer period with you and will sometimes do range-of-motion studies. After the Q and As, William will have you put a gown on and then lie on a table — face up or face down depending on where your pain is. He puts his patients at ease, ensuring they’re comfortable right from the start. “They may think it’s going to hurt, but it doesn’t.”

William begins by palpating the muscle in the area that they’re having trouble with. He bases his treatment on what he feels as he’s touching the skin. “For example, if someone comes in for headaches, I have to find out where the headache’s coming from.” As another condition that William treats often, low back pain can be caused by subluxations of the spine. Sometimes it’s caused by nothing more than tense muscles on either side of the spine contracting.

Get on the Path to Feeling Great!

If you think you might benefit from acupuncture, contact William today at (254) 237-3433. He’ll ask you questions to determine if you’re a candidate for acupuncture. You also can get additional information about William’s practice by going to his website:


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