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How We're Supporting Belton

Chiropractor in Belton, Dr. Larry Montgomery

Chiropractor, Dr. Larry Montgomery

The Importance of a Helping Hand

I believe that we are commanded to help others. Therefore, my family and the Montgomery Chiropractic team, strive to give back to our community. Here are a few ministries close to our heart!

Christian Farms-Treehouse, Inc.

While society tends to shun those who have made poor decisions in the past, I believe we should provide faith based help and second chances. By helping to rehabilitate individuals in need you provide a second chance for a better life. That’s priceless.

With a desire to help, we got involved with Christian Farms-Treehouse, Inc., a drug and alcohol abuse center. In the 90s, I was president of the board of directors dedicated to helping people heal, and change their lives.

Learn more about how you can support Christian Farms-Treehouse, Inc.

Jesus Acts in Inmates Lives (J.A.I.L) Ministry

This Texas-based ministry is dedicated to helping transform the lives of those in jail through the gospel message.

My wife and I were honored to be the very first recipients of a special award the ministry created: the “Angels Unaware Award”, for supporting J.A.I.L. Ministry’s “Angel Tree Project”. Montgomery Chiropractic provided complimentary adjustments to each patient that donated a present for a child of an inmate or officer’s family, in need.

My wife, Priscilla, remains on the fundraising committee and shares her passion through continued dedication to the ministry.

Whether in or out of the office, we’re dedicated to you and our community. Contact us to learn more about our practice and how we can help!

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  1. Patrick Callahan says
    Oct 20, 2015 at 11:53 AM

    I know Dr. Montgomery personally and he is a man the "walks the walk". Blessings to you Larry

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