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Meet the Montgomery Chiropractic Team



Priscilla Montgomery joined Dr. Montgomery in Belton after their marriage in 1982. During her tenure, Priscilla has assisted Dr. Montgomery with every aspect of his practice from patient care to office management.

Today, Priscilla is a licensed x-ray technician, office manager, insurance processor, and accountant for the Montgomery Chiropractic clinics. She also has a flair for opening our satellite locations and designing clinic layouts, particularly as it relates to the front desk and insurance departments.

Priscilla shares her extensive experience with new doctors by training insurance seminars and basic office procedures through the Texas Chiropractic Association. She also is a sought after consultant to chiropractic clinics across the state of Texas.

She balances her clinic activities with a full community life including leading a “Community Group” for her church and being an active member of several local civic organizations.

On the home-front, she has been a soccer and football mom for her oldest son, Micah and a baseball and golf mom for her youngest son Malachi.




Jeannie joined our staff in 2009 as our New Patient Assistant. Jeannie is an EMT-P (Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic) and after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, is now focused on counseling first responders. She is married and has five children.


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