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Chiropractic Care at Montgomery Chiropractic

Dr. Micah is proud to be able to offer our patients an array of adjusting techniques to promote better health and wellness. Through chiropractic care, the body can heal itself naturally, without the use of medication.

With safe, effective and non-invasive chiropractic, we seek to relieve your pain and correct the root cause of your problem.

Our Techniques

This technique uses an instrument to deliver a gentle yet precise adjustment. Activator Methods is ideal for younger children, seniors and anyone who prefers a lighter touch.

Computerized, non-invasive and painless, INSiGHT testing consists of thermal, surface electromyology (SEMG), and heart rate variability (HRV).

Using a special table, this technique helps to open up spinal discs that have become compressed. The technique is gentle and low-force.

This effective manual technique uses a specific thrust to free up spinal joints that have become stuck.

With this handheld device, our chiropractor can deliver an advanced adjustment. The Impulse iQ provides precise pressure required to the misaligned joints to restore range of motion.

Why We Take X-rays

Chiropractic adjusting toolsAt Montgomery Chiropractic, we never guess but instead test. That’s why we take digital X-rays. Digital X-rays allow Dr. Micah to make quicker diagnoses and provide customized chiropractic care plans. Digital X-rays expose patients to much less radiation than the X-rays of the past.


Montgomery Chiropractic uses Chiro Touch EHR software, which benefits our patients in many ways. These benefits include appointment reminders by email or phone, easily being able to access and print treatment notes, and ensuring each visit is efficient.

Each adjustment room has a touch screen monitor that allows the patients to input their vital health information each visit. This allows Dr. Micah to review how you are feeling each day. He will be able to go right to work, ensuring that the patients get their adjustment as well as any other treatment needed in a timely manner. This allows the patient to get on with living life, instead of spending all day at the doctor’s office.

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