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What's so Bad about Junk Food?

Mom and daughter preparing fresh food

Organic, fresh foods contain the greatest vitamins.

Nutrition, It’s Not Just about the Calories

Some say, the more that man is involved in your food, the worse it is for you. That said, fresh produce is more nutritious than canned foods that often contain chemicals and preservatives.

Get the Most from Your Food

1. Choose organic, fresh foods.
Why? You receive the greatest vitamin content while avoiding the harmful chemicals that are often added to food.

2. Limit your sugar intake.
Why? One of fast food’s favorite preservatives, sugar, is found in hamburger buns, ketchup, canned vegetables and many other foods.  It is proven to be the number-one food source for cancer. It acts as if you gave a “jet fuel” injection to the cancer cell and helps it grow and spread more rapidly.

3. Remember, if it’s white, it’s not right!
Why? Highly processed white foods often have had bleach added to it which destroys the food’s nutritional content. For example, stay away from eating too much sugar, flour, pasta and crackers.

4. Consider a quality supplement.
Why? Often vitamins found in grocery stores are synthetic. Here at Montgomery Chiropractic we offer Standard Process® supplements which are “whole food” vitamins, meaning they contain the whole nutritional and vitamin content of food; not just partial vitamins.

The Chiropractic Connection

So does nutrition really matter?

There are many countries with a lower caloric intake but higher quality food which still see chiropractic miracles after the adjustment. The reason is because when the nervous system is returned to normal function in a body ingesting natural foods, it heals better!

So rethink the foods in your cupboards and fridge and contact us to learn more about how your family can make smart choices and feel better!

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